The memorial link will benefit the local economy by increasing non-motorized transportation.

  • According to the Victoria Transport Policy Institute (2004), increased non-motorized travel improves community cohesion, security and aesthetics.
  • The positive association between income and pedestrian safety has been recorded in many American cities.
  • Surveys conducted by the University of Waterloo have found that cyclists make more frequent shopping trips, visit more shops on a single trip, and spend at least as much money compared to auto drivers.
  • Cyclists in North American cities often spend more money per capita than drivers and transit users.
  • In San Francisco, 4 years after bike lanes were added to Valencia St., 65% of business owners said these had a positive impact on business.
  • In New York, businesses saw up to 49% increase in retail sales where buffered bike lanes were added compared to a 3% increase borough wide.