Letter to Council

Thunder Bay Council Members

We’ve created a letter that you can use as a template to write the members of Thunder Bay’s city council and express your support for The Memorial Link. Contact information for all councillors can be found on the city’s website right here.

Dear Mayor and Council,

I am writing to ask you to support the Memorial Link project for its many safety, economic, environmental, and lifestyle benefits. Despite having installed nearly 50 kilometers of of cycling infrastructure, our City’s bike network is still lacking a direct and safe corridor to link the north and south cores – the Memorial Link.

The Memorial Link is a proposed 5 km physically protected lane (a cycle track) for bicycles and active transportation through the heart of Thunder Bay. It would run along May St and Memorial Ave between John St and Miles St, closely passing most businesses and amenities in the Intercity area.

Incorporating the Memorial Link and a “complete streets” design in the reconstruction of Memorial Ave. could be done within the existing 30 meter City-owned right-of-way without reducing the number of lanes open for motor traffic. It would increase safety, boost the local economy, promote health, increase accessibility, provide equality, and increase the livability of our City. It is a project that would benefit motorists, cyclists and pedestrians alike and represents a great opportunity to make our City better for everyone.

Thank you for your time.


Thunder Bay Resident